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Bringing an employee to the Netherlands seems so easy. However, upon arrival in the Netherlands, the main challenge of working with an expat quickly becomes clear: moving is one thing, but setting up your life in another country requires a lot of (pre)work, time and effort. Dutch Expat Solutions knows better than anyone else that guiding procedures and going through official bodies is a particularly labor-intensive job. This is often underestimated by companies and expats.

Dutch Expat Solutions knows its way around immigration land. When you engage us, we can take over this process completely (or partially) from you and your expat. This has two distinct advantages. You can deploy your new employee quickly and without stress. And the expat can focus on his new work and life in the Netherlands without delay.

Be completely unburdened with your relocation?


Dutch Expat Solutions has all services for expats under one roof. Whether it's a work permit, relocation, health insurance, Dutch lessons or housing, too many to mention: Dutch Expat Solutions will take care of it for you!

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Completely unburdened by the relocation of your employee?


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